Quickcam Astroimaging of Planets

  The web-cam that I modified to take the images above was one of the early B&W computer cameras and used a Texas Instruments TC-255 CCD imaging chip.  I removed the chip and housed it in a peanut butter jar lid (perfect size and shape) to mount on the telescopes.  A Pentium 100 laptop recorded the photos. Click to see how I modified the QuickCam



Jupiter and four of its moons (L to R) Ganymede, Io, Callisto, Europa) in a
composite image taken with the NexStar5 SCT (f/10) using a Barlow (2x) lens and
my modified QuickCam camera. Two separate exposures were needed to capture the moons and the planet.



A high contrast image of Jupiter using the NexStar5 SCT (f/10)
and modified QuickCam.


Saturn imaged through a Barlow (2x) lens on the NexStar5 SCT (f/10)
with the QuickCam.


Venus imaged at half phase with the ETX and modified QuickCam.
Prime focus (f13).


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