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M1- The Crab Nebula
6,500 light-years from Earth and 11 ly wide.
152 Thirty second images stacked. Deep Sky Imager II Color camera and LX-200.


Comet Holmes
First spotted by Edwin Holmes in 1892, the comet displayed a major outburst
(brightening) in this stack of 29 twenty second exposures. LX-200 and ST-7E.



The Siamese Twins, NGC 4567 and NGC 4568.
At a distance of approximately 120 million light years away, this pair of spiral galaxies
appear to be on a collision course. Their centers are only 45,200 light years away from each other.
Stack of 20 two minute exposures. LX-200 and ST-7E.


Comet Tempel 1
Star trails surround the comet in this image taken July 2, 2005 approximately
24 hours before impact with the Deep Impact spacecraft.
20 minutes total exposure. LX-200 and ST-7E.


M51, NGC 5195 - The Whirlpool Galaxy and companion.
At a distance of 37 million light years, this pair of interacting
galaxies have altered each other by distorting the smaller's
disc shape and creating star forming regions in the larger of the two.
(LX200 and SBIG ST-7E. 12 five minute exposures stacked.)



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