Gallery Six

The Bear Paw Galaxy with Galaxy NGC 2537A.
Classified as a Peculiar Spiral since it lacks the normal spiral
structure, this image is the sum of 20 two min. exposures. NGC 2537A
is a much more distant barred spiral galaxy seen near the right of the image
as a tiny smudged dot. (Mouse over the image for 200x magnification of the area)
(LX-200 and ST-7E)

Galaxy IC 2233
We view this barred spiral galaxy nearly edge-on
from a distance of 30 million light years.
(Stack totaling 24 min., LX-200 & ST-7E)


M42, The Orion Nebula.
1,600 light years away in the "sword" hanging from Orion's belt.
A single 1 minute exposure. Nikon Coolpix 4300 and LX-200.



The Fath Galaxy Cluster in Andromeda.
This cluster is part of the Abell 262 galaxy cluster of over 100 galaxies.
NGC 708, at the heart of the grouping, is thought to be approximately
260 million light years away.
How many galaxies can you find?
Move your mouse over the image for galaxy labels or click on it for a larger version.
ST-7E and LX-200, the sum of 20 five minute exposures.



M27, The Dumbell Nebula
A planetary nebula thought to be 490-3500 light-years away.
Imaged with Brian. Canon D10 & LX-200. Twenty-one 30 second images stacked.


NGC 7635, The Bubble Nebula
Located in Cassiopeia 11,300 ly away, the bubble is approximately
10 ly across. Strong stellar winds & radiation from the bright star near the bubble's top
shape the surrounding gas and dust.
ST-7E and LX-200. Stack of 19 2.5 min. exposures.



M20 The Trifid Nebula
Located approximately 5,200 light years away features a red
emission nebula, a blue reflection nebula and a dark nebula
(Barnard 85).
Imaged with Brian. Canon D10 & LX-200. Stack of 38 exposures.


IC 4703, The Eagle Nebula & M16 Cluster.
At a distance of 7,000 ly, this interstellar cloud of gas and dust is an active star
forming region. The cluster of newborn stars is only 5.5 million yrs. old.
ST-7E and LX-200. 30 minute total exposure.



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